Café France opens new store in QC

A coffee shop and art gallery in one!

Nestled along a quiet roadside near St. Lukes Hospital, along E. Rodriguez Avenue sits Café France’s new concept store. The G2 or Generation 2 stores express Café France’s renewed interest in our local art scene, resembling a cross between a chic art gallery and an artisanal boulangerie. Gone is the old red, white, and blue motif that made the store look like a French flag-turned-bakery, and in are the new earthy and industrial tones that give the store a classier image.

Café France’s focus towards the art scene is bolstered by their partnership with multiple “up and coming” artists in the country. The partnership between each artist and the company ensures that the artist has funds to create new works of art that can be sold at the stores, while the company benefits from having their walls furnished with one of a kind pieces. Additionally, each artist to be featured will have their art displayed in one store at a time, effectively giving them their own “art gallery” for six months, followed by another six at a different location; paintings that are not sold within the year are collected and will be sold during an art exhibit event, where part of the proceeds go to charity. One such partnership is withHeidi Pataueg-Fernando, who was chosen as the first artist to display her paintings at the new store. Her paintings are inspired by the people in her life, as shown in her painting “Gratitude,” which features a particularly supportive aunt whom she wished to pay tribute to.

For those who might think that the absence of the French Flag motif might detract from the French theme of the store, don’t despair. Café France has decided to double down on the concept by sourcing Grands Moulins de Paris flour directly from France. Grands Moulins de Paris flour is a Type 65 Traditional French Flour that is 100% natural, with no additives or adulterants, produ
ced by Moul-Bie. It produces breads with a mild flavor, open crumb, and crunchy crust, perfect for the classic Café France breads favorites we’ve come to love.

In order to celebrate this new phase in Café France’s life, and to help expose the local artists that they’ve partnered with, Café France has decided to offer a “buy one take one” deal on all pasta dishes, daily, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., and again from 7:00 p.m. until closing.

Moving forward, Café France intends on remodeling all of their current branches to be in line with their new focus⎯ the next in line being the branch at UN Square, with another local artist. They are also toying with the idea of possibly offering weekend art classes for customers who are inclined to learn the fine arts, and have spent a certain amount. With these recent drastic changes to their image, it’s safe to say that Café France wants to carve a larger swath of the market with their own specialized niche in the bread industry, further separating them from the rest of the crowd, but also helping elevate local artists, and promoting the love and appreciation for art in the community.

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