Street food and new flavors at Novotel Manila

  The National Restaurant Association listed “street food” as its second pick for their “What’s Hot 2017” culinary forecast. Novotel Manila Araneta Center (Novotel Manila) is one of the “it” places, or better yet, “eat” places to experience this trend as it kicked off the Asian Street Food Festival yesterday at the Manila Food Exchange.

The festivities started with a rousing Kyokushin Karate-style “Kata” choreographed to the beat of the Mortal Kombat theme song, while glasses of assorted “palamig” drinks were passed around. Novotel Manila General Manager Bernd Schneider then stepped forward and delivered a short opening speech, welcoming everyone to the event, and introducing Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista as the guest of honor, before bringing on Executive Chef Michael Schauss to the floor. Chef Michael Schauss spoke about the rising trend of Asian street food around the world, and touched on its importance in the various cultures it takes root in, and how it’s affected the culinary industry as a whole.

Eight countries were chosen to represent this year’s Asian Street Food Festival. Chef Rajan Veeranan proudly represents India, Chef Alan Meng for China, Chef Aof Suwanalert from Thailand, Chef Michael Kim represents Korea, Chef Edwin Infante for The Philippines, Chef CJ Takajama for Japan, Chef Jay Lee for Malaysia, and last but not least, Celebrity Chef Sau del Rosario for Singapore. The festivities were capped off with a short two minute pictorial session and an energetic dance number performed by The Maneuvers.

Novotel Manila’s Asian Street Food Festival runs from Aug. 17 to Sept. 3, 2017. The Asian Street Food Festival’s menu items are available within Novotel Manila’s Food Exchange buffet restaurant outlet, starting from P1299 for lunch and P1499 for dinner. For more information and reservations, please call (02) 990 7888 or email

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