A fresh batch of ideas and art in Cafe France’s Generation 2 concept store in UN Square Mall.

Only two short months after their first Generation 2 concept store opened along E. Rodriguez Avenue, Cafe France finally launches its full-fledged G2 store in UN Square Mall.


This time around, there isn’t a pre-built space to hold the true G2 design back, as Cafe France doubles down on the “industrial chic” motif, boasting a hip “unfinished” ceiling and rear wall, a sheet of corrugated metal painted black on one side, with stylish exposed filament light bulbs overhead, all enclosed by clean glass panels. The new UN Square store also has street access and is conveniently located beside the mall’s escalators.

CAFEFRANCE OFFICIALLY OPEN – (l-r) Rex Beo, Cafe France U.N. Square Featured Artist; Fr. Joel Rescober; Chairman Basilio Yap and Emilio Yap cut the ribbon as officially open of Cafe France held at U.N. Ave. corner San Marcelino St. Manila. (Aug.25,2017) (photo by Manny Llanes)

The UN Square branch’s featured artist is Rex Beo, an accomplished painter and restorer in his own right, and now a Cafe France collaborator. When asked why he chose Cafe France to showcase his work, he told us “… I’ve been choosing (between) three galleries for my 15th show, I’ve been eating at Cafe France for a long time, then a friend from Cafe France came up with the idea… So why not, since kayo ang nag bigay saakin ng offer, and it’s a really good offer?”



Beo is also helping Cafe France in their search for the right artists, he tells MBites “I’m also helping other artists na (gestures the act of giving), have a chance na magkaroon ka ng one man show… I’ve been choosing good artists for Cafe France, kasi they deserve the best in the art scene; I’m giving them the best artists na hindi sasakit ang ulo nila… They’re artists that never had a chance to show their work because lagi group exhibits; I know they’re great, pero hindi sila nabibigyan ng pagkakataon… They’ve been looked over in the art scene”.

Beo has seven acrylic paintings on display and for sale at Cafe France UN Square, his favorite being one entitled “Ina,” a beautiful portrait of a stolen shot he took of his wife carrying their infant child in her arms, as they ride the PNR going to a doctor’s appointment.


Beo’s most recent inspiration for his artwork is centered around family, stating that “right now, I am influenced by family because I really love my family; recently I had a kid, he’s five months old. I love the way families work and eat together. I want to show people at Cafe France na yoong pamilya, napaka important na sama sama tayo. It really connects the theme (of the restaurant, with art)”.

Cafe France UN Square Mall branch is open from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

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