Red Jade is the new jewel of Manila Hotel

A lunch and launch was held in one of Red Jade’s function rooms for members of the press as an introduction for the restaurant that was formerly Mabuhay Palace.

Manila Hotel has decided to refocus their concept and efforts into providing their guests with authenticity and sustainability, predominantly featuring local ingredients sourced from Gawad Kalinga communities, community farms supported by former acting DENR Secretary Gina Lopez, and other local farms, allowing them to reduce their carbon footprint while boasting a 70% locally sourced menu.


But why call it Red Jade? While the Mabuhay Palace was already a household name among its loyal patrons, Therese Necio, VP of Marketing and Niza Forschler, Marketing Communications and Media Manager explained that the name Mabuhay Palace, while doing well for itself, did not accurately represent what the outlet was about, often times confusing first-timers with regards to what food they actually served.

The colour red is popular in Chinese culture, symbolizing good fortune, joy, and is always used in times of celebration, while jade is a precious stone associated with good luck. With that in mind, they decided to use a name and theme that exude class and prestige, while placing a strong emphasis on Chinese culture and heritage, something that they were able to achieve with Red Jade.

The meal started with a trio of steamed Har Gao, Crispy Fried Shrimp Stuffed with Cheese, and Pan-Fried Radish Cake “Bi Feng” Style, and was followed by a Seafood Spinach Soup as a prelude to the main course dishes to follow. A large plate of Lobster Glazed with Sliced Almonds was next in line, and then a generous helping of Fried Stuffed Scallops with Crab Roe Sauce, and a bowl of spicy Dan Dan Noodles Szechuan Style. The main course ended with a serving of tender Pan-Fried Lamb Chops with Red Wine and Honey Pepper Sauce, Wagyu Beef with Olives Fried Rice, and possibly the most memorable Lo Han Chai in Taro Ring I’ve had in quite a while. The meal capped off with a masterfully crafted Fried Ice-Cream with Mango Sauce and a sampler plate of Manila Hotel’s specialty Mooncakes.

As part of the restaurant’s opening festivities, Red Jade will be offering special promotional initiatives throughout the month of September. Every Monday and Tuesday will feature the restaurant’s Dim Sum Buffet Feast, while groups of five people or more will get 20% off on their bill. Cognac and whisky lovers can also share in the festivities with a generous 20% discount on premium cognac and whisky brands.

Red Jade is also celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with a Mooncake Festival. A booth is situated at the Manila Hotel lobby, where specialty mooncakes with flavors ranging from Mango Paste, Orange Paste, Premium Portugese Custard Paste, Single Yolk Pure White Lotus Seed Paste, and Single Yolk Red Bean Paste variants.

For booking and inquiries, please contact the Red Jade restaurant team at (632) 527 0011 ext. 1262 to 1264 or send an email to

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