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Milk Magic Fresh Milk

Under Consolidated Dairy and Frozen Food Corporation, Milk Magic has produced a wide range of high-quality dairy products such as full cream, low fat, chocolate, and powdered milk for over 15 years, and has won a place in the hearts and minds of the Filipino people. Milk Magic ushers in a new phase for their company as they unveil the newest addition to their roster, Milk Magic Fresh Milk. Unlike its predecessors, Milk Magic Fresh Milk is sourced directly from cows reared in the Western Victoria area, one of Australia’s best known Milk Producing Regions, Ultra Heat Treated for freshness, and free of any adulterants, antibiotics, or preservatives. Packaged in Tetra Pak’s sleek Tetra Brik Edge Aseptic Packaging, both 1 liter and 250ml variants of Milk Magic Fresh Milk can be enjoyed at home or on-the-go, without sacrificing freshness and safety through the use   of   an   angled   top   and   resealable   caps.

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